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AC-119K "Stinger" Gunship

AC-119 on the East ramp at Cam Ranh Bay, Vietnam

The "K" model of the AC-119 gunship was modified from the "G" with the addition of two J-85 jet engines and two 20mm gatling guns, complementing the four 7.62 minis.  It was named"Stinger"
In addition to the armament, and some radar equipment, the old four-bladed Aeroproduct propellers were replaced with the Hamilton Standard three-bladed props.  The reason was for safety and reliability.  No Stinger with the three-bladed propeller was ever lost due to propeller failure.
The "K" model was the final version of the AC-119 gunship.  They were turned over to the Vietnamese in l973. 
The last USAF AC-119 gunship unit was the 18th Special Operations Squadron.  During "Vietnamization", about 40 USAF crewmembers were selected to train the VNAF on the Stinger gunship.  The program was named "Project Enhance Plus".  Training was abruptly ended in March 1973 and the USAF training crews were, for the most part, returned to the States.