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Leaders, you may go to our "Aerospace Education" page to find contact information for a Cadet's AFA Medal through our National Awards Department.  Please remember that Alex Edgar would like to have the requests in NLT February 15th of each year.

This notice was forwarded to me by Col Jerry G. Scherer, CAP, Illinois Wing Commander, on 6/14/17  

I want to augment on some awesome information, c/Lt Col Joshua S Lambert has been awarded the 2017 Cadet of the Year for the Civil Air Patrol. This is an exciting announcement, as this is one of the highest awards available to our members. CAPR 39-3 sums up the award, "An annual award established to recognize the most outstanding cadet in CAP". The process starts with the submission of the award packet through the chain of command to wing. The wing then selects their candidate and submits to Region, who then selects a candidate from the wings' submissions. Finally the national board reviews the candidates from each region and submits their recommendation to the national commander. The national commander then awards their selection as the "Cadet of the Year". So in total, there is over 50 outstanding candidates from among the over 24,000 cadets nationally. So this is not a minor accomplishment! 

Cadet Lt Col Lambert has been a member since December 2010. Cadet Lambert continued to progress at regular intervals and attained his current grade in August of 2015. He has been a member of the Cadet Advisory Council since May 2013 and has served at the Group, Wing and Region levels. He has attended every Spring Encampment since Apr 2011. In 2017, he was appointed the Encampment Cadet Commander. He has attended National Blue Beret and the International Air Cadet Exchange. Cadet Lambert regularly attended Flight Orientation Rides, until he became ineligible due to his age. He participates in ES and became a CAP pilot in November 2016. Cadet Lambert volunteers at the unit, group and wing levels regularly and has been a mentor to many cadets, at unit, group, wing, region and national levels. In short, he has not just met, but exceeded all of the criteria for this award. 

I am also proud to announce that our loss will be the Air Force's gain. This month, c/Lt Col Lambert will be leaving to start his new career at the US Air Force Academy. I am so happy to make the announcement of the award of the Civil Air Patrol's 2017 Cadet of the Year to c/Lt Col Lambert. I want to also thank his parent's and family for all of their support. Cadet Lambert and his family will always be a part of our family. I hope that you will all reach out to Cadet Lambert, congratulate him on his accomplishments and wish him the best as he moves forward in his career. 

Cadet Lt Col Lambert, we are all so proud of you and the distinguished recognition you have given to the Illinois Wing, Great Lakes Region and representation of the Civil Air Patrol!

News items, as sent by individual squadrons.

Bolingbrook H.S. JROTC - IL-091

May 2016:  Chapter President, Jerry Ashley, presenting cadet Leslie Reyes 

Hernandez with AFA Medal and Certificate

Lincolnway Central/West JROTC - IL 961

May 2016:  Chapter President, Jerry Ashley, presenting Cadet with AFA 

Medal and Certificate

Lockport H.S. JROTC IL-761

May 2016:  Chapter President, Jerry Ashley, presenting AFA Medal and 

Certificate to Cadet Dhiann Vandebogart.

Illinois Institute of Technology ROTC

April 2016:  Chapter President, Jerry Ashley, presenting AFA Medal 

and Certificate to cadet Erik Hammer 

Thunder Composite Squadron IL-317

Thunder Composite Squadron IL-317

February 3rd, 2016:  Chapter President, Jerry Ashley, with Maj Gary Sprigg, CAP, presenting the AFA Medal and Certificate to Cadet/Capt. Nush at the C.A.P meeting. 

Saturday, 28 December 2013, Fox Valley Composite Squadron

Commander John W. Fletcher, Capt CAP, USAF AUX, and his cadets attempted to break the Guinness world record with a launch of a high altitude balloon.  Attached to the balloon was a GPS and camera to record the event and it is my understanding that an official judge was there to witness the flight.  

Although this attempt to break a record fell about five miles short, Commander Fletcher is very proud of his squadron members for what they have accomplished to date.  This was a wonderful learning experience for everyone involved with the project and another attempt to break the record will take place this spring.

                                          Thursday, 28 February 2013,  Lewis Composite Squadron

Chapter President, Jerry Ashley, presented the AFA Medal to cadet Capt. Michael Christopher.  (Pictures and a bio to follow with their information release)

                                         Thursday, 20 September 2012, Lewis Composite Squadron

Once again, our Vice-President, Jerry Ashley, visited Lewis Composite Squadron's  Annual Open House.  This year the event was held at the Plainfield Fire Department Headquarters, 23748 W. 135th Street, Plainfield, IL 60544.  The doors opened at 1800 hours with the ceremonies beginning at 1930 hours. 

Directly after the main portion of the open house ended, parents and visiters were invited to stay to witness the presentation of awards and promotions for the cadets and senior staff.

An important note of interest is the fact that last year Cadet Capt. Michael Christopher developed the syllabus for which a cadet's acomplishments towards earning the Air Force Association medal are based on.  Our congratualtions are extended to this bright young man for his great work in developing this program, which has already benefited his squadron. 

If we have any other Civil Air Patrol Squadron that hasn't taken advantage of the AFA Medal program, or may need help with developing a program along these lines, I would suggest you contact Squadron Commander Major Brian S Cramer at: for more information.  I'm sure he would be more than happy to provide assistance or suggestions.