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                         FROM OUR PRESIDENT

Welcome to the new Chicagoland/O’Hare Chapter website.  We have achieved one of our chapter’s goals in bringing a website on line.  The website is designed to keep the membership informed of our chapter’s recent events, upcoming events, the chapter’s newsletters and much more. I hope it will inspire more members to become active again.  There will be more to come in the future. 

For any new members to our website, please be advised that the date of the most recent updates will be found at the bottom of our home page. I do my best to make sure the regular monthly updates are completed by the first of the new month.

Please remember to notify your chapter and AFA of any changes to your personal information regarding address, phone, e-mail, etc.  We don't want to lose contact with you.

Let’s be sure to keep all the men and women who serve our country in our thoughts and pray for those in combat areas for a safe return home to their families.

Quarterly Newsletter:

2nd Quarter Beginning 1 April 2018

Hello Members,

This may be the start of Spring; however, where are the warmer temps?  Today is supposed to be one of the coldest Easters on record.  Maybe I will be able to put my long underwear away come May 1st.

Our Spring calendar regarding awards presentations for the AFA Medals and Certificates is filling up rapidly.  As usual the next two months are going to be very busy.  It is always an honor and pleasure to be able to give this award to the most outstanding cadet from each JROTC or C.A.P., if requested, squadron.

Please pay particular attention to Page 1 of our History section.  For April only I have included the History of our POW MIA Flag, along with the official documentation from Washington.  Every once in a while someone comes up with some complaint about it; or makes a statement that, since it was born out of the Vietnam era, it has less relevance today because any remains from our fallen Vietnam heroes are no longer available, or have already been accounted for.  Huh??  Because a body is unavailable and presumed dead, it's still classified MIA!!!   What about those from Korea or WWII?  I suppose a sailor who drowned and became dessert for a shark should no longer be honored and remembered as MIA?

I recently read a letter from an Oregon school teacher who stated that the POW MIA flag is divisive for our nation and should be replaced by a flag more socially acceptable, like the rainbow flag from the LGBT.  OMG, give me a break!  Other than a few LGBT individuals who served our country, what has this organization ever done for our nation?

Anyway, I have now armed you folks with historical and official ammunition that, hopefully, you will find informative and interesting.

Once again I must remind you that we still have openings on our executive board.  Membership is everyone's business; however, it would be nice to find a volunteer to officially assume this position.  Or, if you would just like to pass out flyers to people you know or meet, without having a title, I will be glad to send you some flyers.   Just let me know.  

One of the best things about our AFA is the fact that anyone who would like to support our Air Force may become a member.  I have picked up a couple of civilians who had stated to me that, in retrospect, they wished they had joined one of our military branches years ago.  After my explaining to them that our organization accepts anyone, they joined.

I know I keep asking all of you to try to recruit just one person to our organization, which would almost double the size of our chapter, but it's because this is so important.  During the past five or six years we have lost many chapter members, whether this has been due to the deaths of our aging membership, or members have moved away to a warmer climate.  We have gained a bit and now have a  little over one thousand three hundred members, which includes the members who transferred in from the closed Galesburg/Peoria Chapter 172.  Our chapter area has now grown to the northern half of Illinois.

Please keep recruiting in your minds.  You may not be physically involved with our chapter, wanting to just be a member, read our magazine, and look at this website.  However, you knew the importance of your becoming a member when you joined and nothing has changed in that respect.  This is your chapter and we, as well as AFA on the whole, need your help.


Jerry Ashley

Chapter President

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