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Welcome to our website! Here you can find all the information and news from our Northern Illinois Air Force Association Chapter. We also provide links to organizations that we are associated with.

A strong America needs a strong Air Force and you can help it through the Association. Active duty, Guard, Reserve, Civilian--every American--we are all in this together. By adding your voice to the AFA, you can become a vital role in promoting the importance of an Air Force that is second to none. Just as our nation relies on the Air Force for its safety, the Air Force relies on the Association to maintain a strong voice in Washington's corridors of power.

Educate, Advocate, and Support

Our mission is to the public, and students, about the critical role of aerospace power in the of our nation; advocate aerospace power and a strong national defense; and the United States Air Force and the Air Force Family.

The Force behind the Force

Membership in the AFA strengthens your affiliation with the Air Force. Your membership makes you part of a powerful network of committed and in the military, public service, and private industry.

Advisory councils and committees of the AFA on issues that matter to members of the Air Force; prior to enlistment, through Aerospace ; during their enlistment, whether or reserve status; and after their service. Through these efforts and others, AFA provides significant benefits to members.

To become a member of the Air Force Association, click here. Please indicate Chapter 142 as your chapter preference.

Thank you for visiting! We hope to see you again! Please return often for new updates. The latest updated website date is listed below.   

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