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The Air Force Association’s educational objectives, as stated at the national level, are

· AFA educates key decision makers and the public about the unique capabilities of Air Force aerospace power in the defense of the nation

· AFA supports science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) programs that lead to strengthening the nation’s ability to meet its defense needs with technological superiority

· AFA provides educational opportunities to Air Force personnel to advance their professional development and to their families to enrich their lives and future potential.

  •      AFA meets these objectives with programs such as:

· Chapter/State/National Teacher of the Year recognizing superior STEM teachers

· CyberPatriot, a national high school cyber defense competition

· House Military Family Caucus. This program educates members on issues important to military families that include mental health, education, and DoD health care

· AFA Scholarship opportunities. See the complete list of scholarships at:

The Chapter 142 Aerospace Education program seizes opportunities to educate AFA members, active duty, reserve, and retired personnel, the general public, and youths in the history, accomplishments, and role of the USAF. Current and planned programs under this function consist of:

Quarterly Chapter Newsletter section and Air Force history: The quarterly newsletter is published on the website only, due to the increasingly high cost of mailing newsletters to members. And an article is presented each month on the website regarding famous Air Force/Military campaigns and missions.

STETSON M.SILER, Colonel, USAF, Retired

Former VP for Aerospace Education

CyberPatriot is the premiere national high school cyber defense competition created to inspire high school students toward careers in cybersecurity or other science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) disciplines critical to our nation’s future.

Now in its fifth phase, CyberPatriot V is open to all high schools, Civil Air Patrol Units, JROTC Units, US Naval Sea Cadet Corps Units and accredited home school programs around the country.

CAP, JROTC and ROTC Cadet Award Packages

The Air Force Association provides an award package consisting of a medal, ribbon and certificate to each Civil Air Patrol Squadron, JROTC unit and ROTC detachment eachyear for their outstanding cadet of the year.

For JROTC units and ROTC detachments, we have received data files from ROTC HQ. We will automatically send each an award package in the second half of January, 2011. We will also send a paper notice to each chapter affiliated with the zip code of the units and detachments. E-mail will be sent to each state president and region president. In the case of a unit or detachment not having a chapter near by, we will send the paper notice to the state president.

Civil Air Patrol Squadrons will still need to request an award package. They can do so by sending e-mail to Alexander Edgar at The e-mail needs to have the name of the squadron and all the contact information of the requester, including the address to which the award package is to be sent. 

AFA has worked closely with CAP HQ to have a notice posted for the squadrons, telling them how to request an award package and asking that they do so in the December-January time frame.

Please direct any questions about cadet award packages to Alex Edgar at or 1-800-727-3337 FREE ext. 4807.

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