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Air Power Advocates

One of the missions of the Air Force Association is to educate the public about the critical role of aerospace power in the defense of our nation. This web site is dedicated to that mission. This page will be updated regularly on topics of interests regarding Air Power and with information you may use to help advance our cause. The AFA website you should visit to obtain further information is:

Air Power Advocates Guidelines

Grassroots Communicators Responsibilities 

- Stay current on Air Force and airpower issues.

- Be willing to talk with the press

- Be willing to spend some time offering ideas, and penning a few articles

- Be willing to let others in the group know who you are

- Be willing to keep what is said inside of the discussion “non-attribution” , unless the author expressly permits you to use his/her name.

- Stay connected to the other members of the group.

- Be willing … once in a while, to make a presentation to Congressional staff or other groups.

- Assist with writing op-eds for newspapers

- Assist as a speaker on Air Force issues

- Liaison with local civic organizations

- Source for radio,TV, and print media

- Liaison with local Air Force leadership

- Assist in outreach (community & local base events)

- Source of info for local Congressional MLAs

- Liaison with local civilian leadership

- Other tasks, as necessary

Getting Started:

- Maintain a contact list of all local media/civic groups, chamber of commerce, local community events.

- Make initial contact with media-introduce yourself, make yourself available for comment.

- AFA National will provide monthly Air Force themes and messages

- Bookmark AFA Communications Toolkit--

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